About Us - Staff

How are we More Than Just A RideTM ? One way is our staff. Here are some facts about our drivers — your chauffeur.

  • Your Chauffeur is our employee — they are not freelancers, independent contractors or per diems.

  • Your Chauffeur has a valid New York State Chauffeurs license, which is checked by our insurance carrier every three months.

  • Your Chauffeur is experienced and has been trained and is continuously trained by us to ensure that you get a comfortable, safe, convenient and expeditious ride.

  • Your Chauffeur has been drug and alcohol tested before being hired.

  • Your Chauffeur is randomly drug and alcohol tested each month.

  • Your Chauffeur is fingerprinted and licensed by at least two different Taxi and Limousine Commissions and our governing township.

  • Your Chauffeur's DMV record is available for your review on a moment's notice.

  • We have conducted an independent background check on your Chauffeur by an outside security firm hired by us.

  • Our outside security firm conducts periodic blind tests our Chauffeurs' performance as passengers, evaluating each aspect of the Chauffeur's performance from pick-up to drop-off.

Your Chauffeur will always arrive 15 minutes before your scheduled departure time and call you to confirm your reservation.

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