About Us - Why US Limo?


For over 25 years U.S. Limousines has been providing safe, quality ground transportation on Long Island, in Manhattan and around the world.

That means that US Limo has weathered these recessionary storms before and have consistently provided safe quality ground transportation without compromise.

In order to compete new younger smaller companies cut costs immediately to compete in these recessionary times. But by cutting costs what they are really doing is cutting the quality of their service and endangering your safety.

U.S. Limousines has been there for you since 1984 and we will be there for you in the future. We will not cut the quality of service or endanger your safety in these recessionary times. We always have and always will continue to implement all of our safety measures and procedures no matter what the economic climate is. After all is your safety worth less just because your home may be?

Did you know that U.S. Limousines:

Has a real time GPS system in their car so that we know every step of the way where the vehicle is and how fast it is going.

Can provide you with a detailed report upon request of where your car went, how fast and how long it serviced a client.

In accordance with its GPS system, an alarm sounds in our dispatch office if any of our vehicles go over 60 miles per hour

Every vehicle is equipped with a Drive Cam system which is a windshield mounted real time and constant monitoring camera that records the cars every move.

Hires an outside security firm ghost rides our vehicles to check how our chauffeurs drive and handle clients.

Hires the same outside security firm to perform background checks on every single chauffeur we hire. We know exactly who is driving you and who we are sending to your home or business. We do not hire anyone that would not be hired by the Nassau County Police Department. Cab services and smaller companies just can’t afford to do this and you can’t afford to not know who is driving you.

Hires the same outside security firm to go to other limousine services and cab companies to apply for jobs to see what business practices and safety precautions and training are instituted at these companies. Almost all fall woefully and dangerously short of our standards and yours.

Chauffeur licenses are checked upon hiring and every three months. We also subscribe to a service that monitors changes in chauffeur licenses. We do not hire any person that has over 3 points on their license. We do not hire any person that has ever had a personal injury accident, a property damage accident or a DWI/DUI. If you call to find out the driving record of anyone we can fax it to you in minutes. Most companies don’t even do it and most likely never checked their licenses. Insurance on cabs require that the person has a valid license the amount of points or accidents does not matter to them, but it should matter to you.

Vehicles are inspected every three months by the NYC TLC, Westchester TLC, Nassau County TLC, Town Of North Hempstead licensing bureau and the DOT.

Chauffeurs have to be licensed by at least three of the above mentioned agencies which also means that they are fingerprinted and credit checked by at least two of the above agencies.

We have been located at the same address for 25 years we don’t change our address so that we can get around these licensing agencies or not license our cars or chauffeurs properly.

Administers drug and alcohol tests to each chauffeur when they are hired and randomly at least once a month. Our outside security firm will pull our vehicles over to spot drug test chauffeurs on the road.

Chauffeurs are tested every three months for diabetes and high blood pressure. This will let us know if a chauffeur might be in danger of falling asleep behind the wheel.

Chauffeurs must be certified by their family physician or walk in medical center to be in a fit condition to drive a vehicle once a year

Maintains its own vehicles with three in house mechanics and its own body shop. This way the cars aren’t fixed with cheap after market parts to maximize a body shops profits they are fixed by our own body shop to ensure your safety. The cars are fixed before something goes wrong not when something goes wrong. We have a 25 year record of preventive maintenance

Thru extensive research and schooling our mechanics have determined that replacing factory brakes and rotors with high performance parts that are actually used in Nascar race cars (to combat heat build up from constant driving) we were able to lessen the distance it takes our stretch limousines to stop in an emergency.

Backs up every wedding party that we service because if an air conditioner malfunctions or gets a flat tire half way thru a wedding we have another car for the bride within minutes.

Backs up and leaves stand by vehicles to address last minute schedule changes, plane delays, weather delays. We are here waiting for you not the other way around. We schedule 1 car empty for every four cars full to accommodate your busy lifestyle.

Is on location 15 minutes before your scheduled pick up.

Confirms your reservation 24 hours in advance

Issue email or efax confirmations immediately upon placing your order

Will answer the phones 24/7/365. You never get a sleepy owner who you woke up out of bed because his two cars are on his driveway. You can call us any time of the day, that is extremely important at 2am after a long flight delay. We always have trained professionals and cars waiting at the airport on shifts to ensure that you always can count on us

Is the only limousine company in N Y State to lobby the state and win the right to incorporate the technology of Compressed Natural Gas into our Lincoln Town Cars. Some of our Lincoln Town Cars use absolutely no foreign or liquid gas at all. They strictly use Compressed Natural Gas. These are full size Lincoln Town Cars not little Prius’ and they use the same battery any other car does. Hybrid cars use a special battery that will be another ecological nightmare in ten years because they need to be disposed of properly and more securely than a regular car battery.

Has never had a sales force or advertising budget. Every customer that we are honored to service we have gotten thru word of mouth.

Will pick up any child who finds themselves drunk and not able to drive, no questions no charge. We have been doing that for over ten years. Some companies just started to do it at a reduced rate. For over ten years we have been doing it free. Mention “SAFE RIDE HOME PROGRAM”

Our efforts to help combat drunk driving has been heralded by the Nassau County District Attorney’s office and our Safe Ride Home Program has been applauded by County Executive Thomas Suozzi and past County Executive Thomas Gullotta thru press conferences and town hall meetings.

After 25 years the owners John Jay Esposito and Joseph Carletto are in the office 7 days a week between them. No matter how many times a day or a year you use our service we are grateful and never take your business for granted. We have and will continue to strive to earn your confidence with each and every ride you take with us.

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